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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Our History

We are the Fair Family...Nathan, Amey, Benjamin(10), Averic(8), Deacon(4) and Phoebe (3). We have served with the missions organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for 13 year and most recently near Guadalajara, Mexico.

Last year, we completed 13 months of sustainable agriculture and farming training with an organization called World Hunger Relief, based just outside of Waco, Texas. World Hunger Relief trains individuals who feel called to service in developing countries and wish to acquire skills in sustainable farming, community development and Christian missions.

After almost three years in Mexico we have learned a lot. Our ideas concerning ministry on the foreign mission field have been challenged, our presuppositions reevaluated and our hearts made ready to learn a whole new skill set in order to become more effective in ministry. In short, our work in the small, local villages has opened our eyes to the very practical needs of the people we have been ministering to there.

In one of the local villages there is a small body of believers. Because they are the religious minority in their community, they are often ostracized, but their hearts remain true in spite of the persecution they face. We have had the privilege of becoming close with the pastor’s family and bringing short term teams to encourage them with teaching and helping to build their church building.

The more time we spent in this particular village, the clearer it became that the issues surrounding poverty and worldview are more diverse and complex than we ever imagined. The area we lived in is surrounded by these small villages, many of them totally un-reached. Thus began our interest in being able to offer practical education in the areas of sustainable farming and agriculture, while being sensitive to and aware of the deeper issues involved.

Our agricultural missions program is on temporary hold for obvious reasons.

In the years to come we hope to set up training that will enable missionaries, indigenous Christians and short-term workers to aid in teaching self-sustaining farming practices in 3rd world settings. In many ways it feels like our plans are "on hold". Our times are in His hands and although we may not understand how cancer fits into our lives, our prayer is that our family and Phoebe's life will bring honor and Glory to God in the midst of it.

Welcome to our family page! Here you will find pictures, video, blogs and updates of our life and ministry...come on in!

Keep Up With Phoebe

October 5th, 2013 we lost the most amazing little girl we have ever known:

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