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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Jorge can See!

Ministerios De Amor is an orphanage that we as YWAM partner with but is not a YWAM ministry:

The first time I set foot in Ministerios De Amor I was deeply saddened by the dilapidated facilities and poor care of the 30 or so orphaned boys. I arrived only a week or two after the new directors signed on and began to realize the daunting task they had before them . Our family has been involved with Ministerios De Amor for some time now. This home for orphaned boys had undergone years of substandard leadership and care.

When I met the new directors, Eugenio and Sylvia from Tijuana, I knew that things were going to change. With big ideas and even bigger hearts, they began to explain Gods vision for the boys and the facility. They got proactive and were able to acquire government donations as well as church and business help. Because many of the boys had no papers or birth certificates, only 6 out of 30 were attending school. Now, every single child is getting an education.

We were so moved by our visits to the orphanage that we decided to jump on board and help in whatever capacity they needed. It was very encouraging to be a part of an organization like Ministerios De Amor that was helping itself so much. By making appeals to our personal support team, we were able to acquire donations of shoes, socks and underwear for every boy! What a blessing to have such a compassionate team of people behind us.

Perhaps the most remarkable testimony, is that of a little boy named Jorge. Jorge is a sweet natured 12 year old who has been physically, mentally and sexually abused. Jorge has Strabismus and was severely cross-eyed. Because of this he has suffered rejection and had a very low self esteem all of his life.

We were able to raise money to fix his eyes and on Monday he had his surgery. We went with Jorge to the specialist where they removed the bandages and he was able to see correctly for the first time. His eyes are straight and beautiful and he is already showing signs of increased self confidence.

  Jorge Before his surgery!

Jorge After!

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October 5th, 2013 we lost the most amazing little girl we have ever known:

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