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Family A-Fair: The Fair Family Journey

Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Nations

Beauty From Ashes

For many of you Phoebe's story has bound your heart to our family. Others of you have followed us since 1998 when we began our missionary journey. In that time we have worked and ministered in 11 countries, doing everything from youth ministry to building houses for the poorest of the poor. None of that, however, could prepare us for the most devastating and blessed time of our lives.

When our oldest son, Benjamin, was only a few days old I looked at that infant and was overwhelmed by a thought. How can I be responsible for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of my children. That night, and just about every night since, I have asked the Lord to lead our family through me. When Phoebe was diagnosed with brain cancer on January 1st of 2012, our lives were turned upside-down and the only thing I knew to do was cry out to God. So we asked Him, no matter happened to Phoebe, that her life and our families response to this situation would bring glory and honor to His name.

God certainly answered our prayers in ways that we could not comprehend at the time. He gave Phoebe the grace to be the most amazing and engaging ball of love that we have ever known and the ability to endure the unendurable. The 8 months since she went to be with the Lord have been some of the most difficult and trying times in our lives. For those of you who have lost a loved one you can easily imagine what it has been like for our family. Over the past year, we have begun to pick up the pieces and re-engaged into "normal" life and full-time ministry, or at least in a more conventional way. We are continually blown away by the fact that Phoebe touched more lives in her short life than we have in 16 years.

As well as homeschooling, Amey has started writing a book about Phoebe and our families life and faith journey through this entire ordeal. She continues to reach so many through her blog and speaking in various settings. We are also continuing our with Youth With A Mission in developing a school of 3rd world sustainable agriculture

What We Do

450 Acre Missions Campus

YWAM’s Twin Oaks Ranch is a beautiful 450 acre facility with 8 lakes and various growing zones, from rolling hills to swamp land. This provides us a unique situation for developing 3rd world agricultural training systems. The first of these our team began developing this Fall, a permaculture food production system called a Food Forest. A Food Forest is a long-term food production system that has been designed and implemented totally off the grid.

Utilizing this and many other agricultural tools, we provide training is areas such as fruit orchards and grafting, soil conservation, urban gardening, conventional homesteading, aquaponics, bee keeping, fish farming, third world technology and all types of livestock and farm animals. The three main groups in which we intend to focus our training efforts are; short and long term missionaries, churches engaged in missions work and the general public.

Once trained, we will coordinate, send and lead teams on foreign outreaches to practically apply what they have learned. One such a project is in Northern Mexico where a member of our Ag team lead a team of missionaries-in-training to implement agricultural training with the Tarahumara indigenous peoples.

Fatherheart Maternity Home

Our agriculture team maintains some agricultural project at YWAM Tyler’s Living Alternatives maternity home. The vision is to disciple young unwed mothers that live in a multi-family property and to feed the staff and residents. We will proved these girls with life skills and world view training while teaching how to grow, prepare, eat and live a more health, God-centered lifestyle.


Our 10 acre homestead is a single-family focused environment that includes many types of organic farming models, farm animals of all kinds, bee keeping and an aquaponics system just to name a few. We are developing a training farm that we will use to train missionaries how to sustain their own families on the mission field as well as using agricultural development to love those whom they are ministering to.

We also hope to utilize our homestead by offering workshops, resources and practical training to reach out to the general public, instilling practical training and a biblical world view.

On October 5th, 2013, our sweet girl lost her battle to Cancer.

Phoebe Lucille Fair, age four, of Lindale, Texas, passed into the arms of Jesus Saturday, October 5, 2013, after a two year battle with brain cancer. She was surrounded by her family at home.

Phoebe was born August 16, 2009, in Guadalajara, Mexico, where her parents served as missionaries. She was a radiant little girl who touched the lives of everyone she met. She was adored by her three older brothers and will be missed by her dogs, Sadie and Howdy, and her beloved cat Matilda.

Phoebe accepted her battle courageously and encouraged others even in the midst of her struggle. Phoebe is loved by her parents, Nathan and Amey Fair and brothers, Benjamin, Averic and Deacon Fair, all of Lindale, Texas; Grandparents, Scott and Sarah Fair of Lindale, Texas, Jim and Julie Norman of Alvord, Texas, and Jim Stevens of Beggs, Oklahoma. Great Grandparents, Jean Ziglar of Plano, Texas, Rev. John E. Green and Betty Green of Athens, Texas and Jim and Marlene Fair of Corona, California, as well as numerous Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Our Mission

Training and equipping with the resources and skills to disciple the nations though community development and hunger relief.

Current International Projects

Northern Mexico